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24 JUNE 2021  - 10:00 AM

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Open your company to new clients, generate new leads, increase visibility, relevance and awareness for your products and your executives participating in an event with the maximum reach among true decision makers in professional technology, IT, security, innovation and digital transformation leaders.  

Content produced for Silicon Smart Work Day will be of the highest quality, developed by prestigious experts and journalists specialized in technology, who in lead, host and participate in the event.  


The event will have a very important promotion through all the NetMedia and Silicon media and Social channels.


Relevant news around the event and its sponsors will be produced and published in our sites. 

Registrants and Silicon audience will be able to ask questions for the speakers and experts through social networks or by email that will be addressed at the event. 

The event will be promoted through emailing to NetMedia subscribers and email campaigns to our end-user and decision-makers databases. 

The event, its presentations, and sponsors will be promoted on Silicon and NetMedia social media profiles, of course with a complementary display campaign. 

After the event, contents will be available for the audience extending the reach to the “post event” period, and Silicon site will feature an article dedicated to the event in which the sponsors will also be reflected. 

The sponsor can use its slot, after the event, as separate content to promote its company on their networks and channels or as material for sales or marketing

Silicon Day are one of the events with the most impact in the sector of technologies for digital transformation and they are produced and organized by Silicon and NetMedia, that has one of the widest qualified audiences including, C-Suite, Innovation Directors and other true decision-makers in tech and innovation in companies and public institutions. 

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